Why You Should Replace or Repair Your Broken Windshield

Windshields serve several functions. It gives the driver an unrestricted view of their surroundings, which adds to better driving awareness.

The windshield provides security in a variety of ways. With this, passengers will not be damaged by the weather, dirt, or debris. A windshield has also been reinforced to make them more resistant to breaking. Toughened glass, as opposed to annealed glass, shatters into small, pebble-like fragments on impact, decreasing harm.

Read on to discover why you should replace or repair your broken windshield today.

Dangers of Driving with a Blown Windshield

Carelessness when driving should not be tolerated. With a blown or broken windshield, you risk yourself and the people around you. This can lead to a variety of hazards, such as:

  • Airbag Failure

In the event of a collision, airbags protect the occupants from any injuries caused by the steering wheel and dashboard. It is critical that the windshield airbag deploys at the appropriate time. It properly deploys the airbags to protect the vehicle’s occupants. When windshields are shattered or improperly positioned, they cannot survive the deployment of airbags, resulting in failure.

  • Compromised Structure

Windshields are beneficial to automobiles. The strong structure assures that the roof will not collapse in the event of an accident. However, if the windshield is fractured or cracked, it may lack the requisite strength.

  • Reduced Visibility

A good windshield should let the driver see clearly without any obstructions. If a piece of glass breaks in the driver’s direct line of sight, it will impair their vision. Driving in bad weather or low light is made more difficult by a shattered windshield.

Pits in glass can be caused by grime and grit. Glass pieces are flying everywhere, making it difficult to see the driver. Driving when blinded is dangerous and should be avoided. The windshield must be replaced.

  • Seat Belt Ejection Risk

Seat belts prevent passengers from being ejected from their seats in the case of an accident. A strong windscreen can prevent ejection from a vehicle. In the lack of seatbelts, the windshield serves as an additional layer of safety. It keeps the possibility of death at bay. If you do not replace your windshield, you and your passengers could be flung from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

  • Water Leaks

A good windshield keeps passengers dry. However, if the windshield is damaged, water may enter the vehicle, making the interior damp. Mold and mildew will eventually grow and destroy the interior of your car. It is also possible that it will damage electronics and upholstery.

The Advantages of Having Your Windshield Repaired

Windshield replacement is an excellent way to address broken windshields. On another hand, windshield repair may also be a good idea, especially if the damage is minimal. 

Here are some of the advantages of having your windshield repaired:

1. Get Rid of Chipped Glass

Pressure can cause chip expansion on a windshield. Cracked windshields are less durable. If chips in the windshield cause it to break or shatter in high-impact situations or in extreme weather, the windshield must be replaced.

2. Minimal Repair Costs

Repairs are far less expensive than replacements. At the same time, repairs can be done by trusted professionals in a short amount of time.

Remember, to maintain your windshield, always clean it in the shade, never let the glass cleaner dry out, and never lift the wiper arms on your windshield.


Never put off buying a new windshield or having the one you have repaired because the damage will worsen. It’s not worth putting your life or the lives of those you care about in danger only to save money on a replacement windshield.

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